Vitamin C and Its Benefits for the Body

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is a very effective and safest nutrient for maintaining health. Unfortunately, the body cannot store this water-soluble vitamin. Therefore, the body needs to meet the intake of vitamin C regularly every day. Most people may be familiar when they hear kombucha tea Kefir Grains. Kombucha tea is said to be able to detoxify the body, overcome some digestive problems, and even help you lose weight. The question is, are all these benefits true?

Reporting from the NHS, people aged between 19 – 64 years need at least 40 mg of vitamin C per day. The need for vitamin C intake can be obtained by adopting a balanced healthy diet. This includes choosing foods that are rich in vitamin C. Most foods that are rich in vitamin C can be obtained from fresh fruits and vegetables. Some of them include oranges, strawberries, peppers, broccoli, and potatoes. The basic ingredients of kombucha drinks are tea, sugar, yeast, and microbial culture in the form of SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). Some of the yeasts used are Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Zygosaccharomyces bailii, and Candida sp. The mixture of all these ingredients will be fermented, aka let stand for a week, or more. The yeast group will use the sugar in the tea solution as a substrate and turn it into alcohol. Then this alcohol is consumed by the bacterial group to produce organic acid compounds. Numerous studies have shown that taking vitamin C can prevent serious complications. The intake of vitamin C from kombucha tea is sufficient to make the body’s immune system increase. So that the body becomes more immune to attacks from various diseases, such as flu, colds, pneumonia to respiratory infections.

Although vitamin C is not a drug, there is evidence to suggest that taking vitamin C when you have a cold or cold can lower your risk of developing complications. Especially in the respiratory tract such as pneumonia to infection in the lung organs. A study released by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that the risk of stroke is much lower in someone who has a high amount of vitamin C in the blood. Experts say that a high amount of vitamin C in the blood is related to the habit of consuming fruits and vegetables and kombucha tea.

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