You Can Repaint Your Narrow Bedroom To Makes It Look Wider

If you live in a warm climate and a room filled with natural light, use a lemon green bedroom paint color for a tropical touch. Although it is rarely used for bedroom paint colors, this lemon green color can also make a narrow bedroom feel bigger. The lemon green color can also reflect light from the sun or light well so that it will give the effect of a more open room. If it feels too dominant, you can combine lemon green with other colors as a neutralizer such as white. Create the placement of these colors, such as on the walls, sheets, chairs, and the desk area for work or study. Additionally, if you cannot paint your bedroom yourself, we recommend you hire the best one man and a brush.

You can also use pastel bedroom paint colors. Pastel colors themselves are created from a mixture of primary or secondary colors mixed with white to produce lighter and softer colors. Pastel bedroom paint colors are also very suitable to be applied to a child’s room. This one bedroom paint color always manages to attract attention and gives a broad impression to a narrow room. Pastel bedroom paint colors will provide cheerfulness, make you not easily get bored, and be able to relieve stress. Using the same decor as the bedroom paint color is a smart trick to create a wider space effect. The not only decoration, make sure the color of the sheets used matches the paint color of the bedroom.

When compared to other bedroom paint colors, this burgundy color does seem darker. However, this bedroom paint color can make a narrow room seem wider. This burgundy bedroom paint color is suitable for you to apply in a narrow bedroom. Try mixing with other colors, like white or with other pastel colors. You can also combine the paint color of this bedroom with gray so that it creates a spacious and elegant impression at the same time. Adding a canvas poster, curtains and muted curtains can also give an elegant impression to your bedroom. Try to paint the ceiling a lighter color than the paint color of the bedroom. It can also get around a narrow room so that the ceiling appears higher and the room will feel more spacious.

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