You May Try These Ways To Improve Your Style With A Beanie

Maybe you are confused, what is a beanie? The name isn’t very familiar, but once you’ve seen the shape, you’re guaranteed to say “oh so that’s a beanie. That’s a knit hat.” Of course, it’s not always made from knitting, but this warm hat is getting popular, especially since many artists and celebrities are also starting to choose beanies for their styles. Generally, many wear warm hats with a modish style. Some may even use it because they haven’t shampooed or are lazy to take care of their hair. In fact, besides that, there are, you know, styles that you can imitate. Ssshhh… It could also be for those of you who are lazy to wash your hair but want to look stylish. Apart from that, if you also want to make your beanie looks more personalized, you might want to try to order some custom embroidered beanies no minimum.

Here are a few ways to improve your style with a beanie:

Display as is

Yes, as the name suggests, just wear your warm hat as it is. With a modest hairstyle. Especially if you have long hair, it is suitable to use a beanie. Typically, a beanie is paired with a soft sweater.

With braids

On one occasion, Taylor Swift has worn this one style. She still looks beautiful even with a modest style. Maybe because of his busy life, he only had time to braid his hair and then wore a beanie. Recommended, side braids yes. A bit messy will make your appearance more natural.

Bend it once

Not because of an extension, actually, the folded beanie may improve your style. So it doesn’t look like using it right? Wear this style with hair that you put on the side. A bit of bang tossed to the side is okay too.

Bangs style

This style is also in trend lately. Stuffing all the hair in the beanie and then leaving the bangs at the front. However, what this style wants to highlight is the bangs and tossing the hair forward. This style is perfect for those of you who are lazy to wash your hair or haven’t had time.

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