This Is How To Make Glass Coasters From Wood

Sipping coffee or tea while finishing work at the office or home is fun but, this habit usually has one drawback: stains on the coffee or tea table. To avoid this, we usually use coasters. Ceramic, glass, or cloth coasters must be common. You can also order beverage coasters from trusted stores. There is one alternative to a special glass coaster. You can make a glass coaster made of a tree branch as a special gift for a special person!

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Check out the following tips:

Select a tree branch

The first step to making coasters is to choose a good tree branch. Good woody branches are those with a tough texture and will be much nicer if they have a pattern in them and have moderately thick, coarse-textured bark. Choose a branch about 8-12 cm in diameter. The larger the diameter, the heavier the effort to cut it.

Cut branches

The next step to making coasters is to cut tree branches with a thickness of 1-1.5 cm using a saw. Try not to let the bark come off the tree branches. This bark will add aesthetic value when the coaster is ready.

Smooth the wood surface

The third step to making a glass coaster is to smooth both sides of the wood surface that have been cut using wood sandpaper. Blend until the saw marks are no longer visible on both sides of the coaster. This process can be sped up if you use a grinder.

Paint with anti-toxin paint

The final step in making coasters is painting. After both sides of the surface are smooth, paint using antitoxin wood paint, transparent brown, so as not to lose the beauty of the existing wood pattern. Do not use varnish as it is not safe for cutlery. If you prefer, you can leave this coaster unpainted, as it will look more natural.

Well, this beautiful and natural coaster will be a friend to drink coffee that is beautiful and has high aesthetic value, especially if you make it yourself for a special gift, then it will be unforgettable. Good luck!

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