How To Choose The Right Wine Storage

If you want to become a serious wine collector, you should have special storage for wine and have a wine storage temperature. But if you are a beginner or drink wine only occasionally, then, first of all, know that the wine that has been opened should be stored for no more than 3 days. Any longer than that, the taste of the wine will change. If you want to save wine whose bottle you haven’t opened. Then you need to pay attention to the following. In terms of temperature, wine must not have a temperature that is too high because this will damage the wine. Do not use the refrigerator to store wine for more than 1 week because the refrigerator temperature is too cold and dry so that it can damage the corks of the wine. If that is the case, air can enter the bottle and damage the wine .

Furthermore, from the storage side, storing the wine bottle horizontally will keep the cork wet so that no air will enter from the outside. This does not affect if the bottle does not use a cork cap but an aluminum cap. However, storing bottles horizontally will save more space than storing them vertically. Besides, you need to store wine away from light, especially those containing ultraviolet which can accelerate the aging process of wine, so that the wine changes taste. Wine bottles usually use dark or slightly dark tinted glass to reduce this UV influence.

The light in the room is not as strong as sunlight, but you should just turn off the lights in the room, turn it on only when you are going to take the bottle. Lastly, keep the wine from strong odors because strong odors can indeed damage the wine. However, as long as the room you use doesn’t smell strong, you can store the wine bottles there.

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