FRP Boat Price Determination Conditions

In some regions, shipments of frp sheets with the same main size and specifications are sometimes found but are offered by producers or sellers at prices that are much different from one another. Why is that? One explanation may be due to the inequality of understanding of frp sheets construction criteria on boats so that price is the only “language” that is understood by both producers and buyers find vinyl sheet piling for sale. If price is the only determining criterion for ship quality then the conclusion can be very misleading. The price should be a reflection of the efficiency of responsible production costs and reasonable business profits without sacrificing the quality of FRP construction on boats. To find out what the actual price of FRP boat ship products is offered by the manufacturer or seller, it is better if prospective buyers can consult a competent boat design consultant so that the actual ship specifications can be dissected together between the prospective buyer and the consultant to find out the value. the actual ship.

But their basic skills in doing FRP construction (provided that these basic skills are supported by adequate knowledge of FRP construction) can be developed with good training to be upgraded to FRP construction skills on board. What is clear, the expertise of FRP construction work on boats cannot be obtained by magic, magic, or impromptu. Everything must be clear in stages. A good FRP construction on a boat meets the following criteria. The strength in FRP construction is located in the arrangement of the reinforcing fibers (number of layers, type of reinforcing fiber, and arrangement of the arrangement) and not because of the thickness !. The FRP layer is thick but composed of improper reinforcing resin and fibers and careless workmanship will result in a thick, heavy and weak (dangerous!) Construction.

The strong interlayer unity consists of several layers of resin alloy and reinforcing fibers. Improper machining process will not provide strong unity between layers so that the danger of delamination (peeling joints between layers) lurks. The unity between the components of a solid FRP ship construction; In assembling the components of FRP ship construction, external fastening is required (glue and mechanical fastenings such as bolts and screws). The bonding must use the appropriate binding material and method.

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